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Regeneration, the 79th card in the Tarot of Trees

Regeneration, the 79th card in the Tarot of Trees

Welcome to the Druid’s Garen Artwork page. This is the artistic home of whimsical nature artist Dana O’Driscoll.  Here you can see many of the various projects I’ve worked on over the years by looking at the links above and galleries.

In early 2020, I just wrapped up completing the Plant Spirit Oracle, which I’ve been working on since mid 2015.  We are gearing up for the 4th edition 10th anniversary of the the Tarot of Trees, which you can learn more about on the Tarot of Trees Website. If you are looking for my writings on nature spirituality, permaculture, and nature, you can visit the Druid’s Garden Blog.

I am also, at present, dedicating time to deepening my artistic practices in three areas: delving deeper into pyrography (and learning how to work with materials right from the land), spending time working with leather and leather tooling, and learning more about Pennsylvania Folk/Dutch art (part of my heritage).  You can see these and other areas above.

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