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Most of the art that I make is in service. Service to my druid community, service to the land, and service to the broader world. Some of my work seeks to give voice to the land and through that voice, raise greater awareness of the sacredness and sanctity of nature. I do volunteer art work for those working towards such goals and am happy to talk with you about your goals.

Because my art’s primary purpose is not to make money or for my own financial gain and because I have a full-time job (which is not making art!) I don’t maintain a regular website for purchasing my art.

I do have two oracle decks, both of which are available at my sister’s Etsy site: The Tarot of Trees and The Plant Spirit Oracle.

I like to make gifts and generally share my work with those who would appreciate it. That might be you :). I take occasional commissions and sell my work once in a while. I am also open to art trades (or other trades that are in service to the land, eg. if you want to plant and tend some hard nut trees (oak, hickory, walnut, etc) for a piece of art, we should seriously talk!

If you see something on my Instagram feed @druidsgardenart, please feel free to reach out to me to see if it is for sale (using the contact on my site). Thank you! 🙂

Plant Spirit Oracle Deck

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